As most of you may know, animals are my passion. I eat, sleep, and breathe rescue. Lately, though, my efforts have brought me to a low place.. A place of searching and wanting to make a real change that I’m not currently seeing with all of my continued efforts. I feel I’m running in circles, accomplishing the same things daily, with no yielded long term change. Of course, for those animals, everything has become better- hopeful, even.. But what about the others? I have realized, I’m just not doing enough.

Every day, I receive hundreds of messages, calls, and am tagged on social media sources about free litters of puppies or kittens in need. Hungry, sickly animals, being thrown out like trash.. new babies, owners moving homes, sudden allergies popping up forcing a quick rehome of an elderly pet, you name it- all of these excuses, sadly, no longer shock me to hear. I’ve grown immune to them..

But the most surprising response I hear, and the one that keeps me tossing and turning, however, is this..

“I can’t afford to spay or neuter my animal(s).”

Ouch. Here I sit, with my personal pets fully up to date on vaccines, already altered, loved, cherished, inside pets that are more like family members.. And there are people WANTING to do the right thing in my community.. And physically can’t.

No more. This is where it all starts. This is the way I feel I NEED to create change. I am making a vow right now, to myself, to every animal owner I help in the future, and to every ANIMAL I help.. There will be no family left behind.

What this means: If rescue steps forward to take an entire litter of puppies/kittens, but the owners prefer to keep their beloved adult pet(s).. WE WILL HELP with spay/neuter costs to ensure it never happens again. No family left behind doesn’t just entail leaving an adult dog- it guarantees there will be no other needy babies down the road, either. Multiple rescues have this policy as well- I am in no way putting them down! BUT. It is much easier to have a guaranteed service offered than to have the looming fear of owing money you don’t have for a service you previously never considered, or even considered a possibility.

I am pleading with you now to help with this. I have a solid feeling that the need extends much farther than the 12 animals I have already committed to.. But it is worth it. If you’ve ever walked through a shelter and seen the animals begging you to take them home.. You’ll understand this. If you’ve ever cried over a litter left at a trashcan to die, you’ll understand this. If you’ve ever seen the horrid sickness that breaks out amongst unvaccinated puppies or kittens due to lack of funding to have them properly vaccinated.. You’ll understand this. Rescue is MORE than saving the young and needy.. It’s about ensuring the cycle stops there. And I need your help to turn this goal into a reality.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my mission statement. Every dollar counts, and if you cannot donate, a SHARE works just as well!

Our area is horrendous when it comes to the treatment of animals.. And I cannot sit by idly anymore.