What information are you collecting?

We run Google Analytics which collects some tracking information. See the Google Analytics Privacy Policy. We do collect personal data if you elect to fill out an application for a spay or neuter your pet.

Can this information be used to identify individuals or is it aggregated and anonymous?

The Google Analytics data is anonymous. The information collected on our spay or neuter forms is used to be able to contact you in the situation you have been selected to receive a voucher.

How will you use this information?

The information will only be used to contact you about receiving a spay or neuter voucher.

Who will be able to access this information?

Only people directly involved with Fixing The Boro Inc. will be allowed to view the application data. Google Analytics data is only available to the board members of Fixing The Boro Inc.

Will you share this information with any other parties?

We will not directly share your information with any other parties. Only information that appears on the voucher will be given to your selected vet office.

How will you protect their information?

Any backups will be encrypted. When a board member leaves, their access will be removed from the system. Application data will be archived after 1 year and no longer be available to anybody besides the CTO of Fixing The Boro Inc. or any situation where a lawyer will be involved.

How will you notify visitors of changes to your policies?

In event of our Privacy Policy changing, we will put notice on our website for 2 weeks leading up to the change at which point, if the user does not approve of the changes, we ask they no longer use Fixing The Boro Inc.’s services.

Who should someone contact with questions about your privacy policy?

Please use our contact form under Contact Us if you have any questions about the privacy policy.